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Broadbill Fisheries

Quality Gear, Quality Service.

So here I am spending approximately 250 days a year on average fishing both commercially and recreationally for the last decade. I never want a doubt in my mind that my tackle isn’t perfect after we just traveled 150 miles offshore in search of some of the best big game fishing possible.  Here at Broadbill Fisheries, we are full-time fishermen with a commitment towards quality. There isn’t a single product that we ship that isn't used on our vessels.  The four main focuses on all of our customers are quality, experience, service, and lastly price.  In this industry, you get what you pay for so why skimp out when you are traveling 100 miles offshore to the grounds.  Most of my existing customers know that we tell it like it is and don’t need to sell you everything - we just want to sell you the right thing.  It is a proven fact that 10% of the fisherman catch 90% of the fish, so why not become one of the 10%.

- Captain Mark DeCabia


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