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Broadbill Fisheries has been around since 2001, where we started as a wholesale private label company for many different tackle companies that you may have in your arsenal today.  We have been expanding year after year into different areas of the market place but the one common factor that we continue to strive at is service. 


We provide a service of one on one consulting that makes your purchasing easier and justifiable.  From captain service to complete boat outfitting, we have done it all and handled various types of fisheries.  With extensive research in the industry from the commercial and sport boat markets, we only supply the best products to our customers.  There are no “deals” here at Broadbill because success does not come cheap and easy.  I mean come on, you don’t want to be 120 miles from the dock and you tried to save a few dollars on an inferior product.   


Every piece of tackle is built through our hands and there is never a second guess that every crimp is perfect, especially when there is money on the line.  All of our innovative products are tested continuously and thrown through all the rigors that offshore sportfishing has to offer. Just like we only use the best components for building our gear, we only support the best vendors as well and don’t skimp out of knock-off materials.

Our current customer base is some of the more proficient high-liners in our industry today. 


Bryan Youngkin

Bryan is a mate aboard "Rebel". Under Captain Mark's guidance, Bryan has become a pivotal force behind Broadbill. 

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